Passenger’s support notice during Air Mekong’s temporally suspends commercial flights

Dear Valued Passengers,
The 2013 has been recognized as a hard year for air transportation market and Vietnamese carriers. In order to develop Air Mekong’s fleet which appropriate to the market and ensure effective business, from March 1st 2013, Air Mekong will temporally suspend its commercial operation. Air Mekong would like to inform supports during temporally suspending commercial flights as below:
–          Air Mekong continuously supports its passenger via our call center at04 – 37 188 199, 0838 463 666, Email: and Air Mekong’s ticketing office in business hours.
–          For Mekong club’s members: Air Mekong will be reserved their benefits, validity period as following: cardholder points and card validity will be extended equal to Air Mekong’s temporally suspend commercial operation period plus additional 3 months.
–          Passenger’s tickets has been booked on all flights since February 28 2013 upward which not used and tickets with validity after February 28 2013 will be extended as following: validity will equal to Air Mekong’s temporally suspend commercial operation period then added 3 more months.
For example: ticket brought dated of March 21 2012, with validity till March 20 2013, ticket has not been used and allow to rebook, if Air Mekong suspends service 6 months, ticket will be extended 9 months (6 months in suspended service plus additional 3 months). Ticket will be extended until December 20 2013.
–          Fare condition: applying all rules and conditions as informed when customer brought ticket (for example: ticket is refundable with the fees as airfares’ condition, passenger has been no-show then they will be charged no-show fee as Air Mekong’s rules).
–          As for Agents (passenger and cargo): Air Mekong has been already sent the guidance to their registered email.
Air Mekong would like to send its best regards to valued passenger and hoping you will continue your kindly supports to Air Mekong. We will come back as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Air Mekong